The Bible teaches us that Christians grow best when they are consistently involved in the life of the church—knowing and being known, giving and receiving encouragement (Hebrews 10:25; 1 Corinthians 12; Ephesians 4:14-16). 

Your attending the Sunday morning worship service is a key part of your weekly rhythm, but in a church of our size, it’s also easy to get lost in the crowd and miss that core relational ingredient of Christian growth. The result is that we become isolated and stagnant, and our corporate witness to the power of Christ is weakened. 

This is why we’re re-designing the 9:00 hour on Sundays to be a CORE hour—Centered On Relational Edification. For the health of the church as a whole and you individually, we are encouraging you, as a member, to make this a fixed part of your weekly schedule. 


What will CORE hour look like? While there are many good ways of organizing ourselves into smaller groups, for the next few months we have chosen to use one that is already in place—deacon care groups. 

At 9:00 on Sunday mornings, you will join others in your deacon care group—men with men and women with women—around a table to (1) learn a Biblical truth, (2) discuss the real-life application of that truth, (3) share current needs in the group, and (4) pray. People who attend regularly, but who are not yet members (and thus not members of a care group) are invited to choose a care group they would like to participate with.


Foundations & Footsteps of Christian Living (December-January & May)

Overview PDF

Foundations – Convictions for Christian Living

  1. Session 1 (December 4)
    1. The Bible and What Is It About
    2. Jesus and What He Did
  2. Session 2 (December 11)
    1. God and Who He Is
    2. The Gospel
  3. Session 3 (December 18)
    1. The Way to Respond to the Gospel
    2. What Happens When You Respond to the Gospel

Footsteps – Practices of Christian Living

  1. Session 4 (January 8)
    1. Pray,
    2. Be Baptized
    3. Participate in a Local Church
  2. Session 5 (January 15)
    1. Cultivate a Habit of Scripture Reading and Prayer (Part 1)
  3. Session 6 (January 22)
    1. Cultivate a Habit of Scripture Reading and Prayer (Part 2)

Qualities – The Shape of Christian Living

  1. Session 7 (May 7): Growing in Christian Qualities
  2. Session 8 (May 14): Faith
  3. Session 9 (May 21): Hope
  4. Session 10 (May 28): Love




Walking Together (September-November)

  1. Introduction
  2. Our Walk Together
  3. Our Devotion
  4. Our Salvation
  5. Our Daily Bread
  6. Our Spiritual Worship
  7. Our Gatherings
  8. Our Spiritual Gifts
  9. Our Words
  10. Our Generosity
  11. Our Hope
  12. Our Witness