Fall 2018 Adult Growth Classes

Don’t miss this weekly opportunity to connect with your church family and grow in your knowledge of the Word! The following classes will begin on September 30th. Please sign-up for one of these classes in the foyer.

Unity and Diversity in the Church 

Join Jonas Harley for a 7-week class as he explores God’s incredible design for His church. We are a diverse group of individuals united around the gospel of Jesus Christ! Then for the next several weeks he will teach a class on how to fear God and not man.

How to Grow

Over the next 13 weeks, Bill Horan will explore how our spiritual growth as Christians is rooted in Jesus Christ. He will touch on the spiritual disciplines through which God dispenses His grace on His children. Topics such as Bible study, prayer, confession, fasting, and evangelism will be covered.

Two Ways to Live 

Jay Wright will teach a 6-week class that will help you share the gospel in a way that is clear and easy to remember. A pamphlet will be provided to each attendee that they can keep as a guide to sharing the gospel with friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors. Bring along an unsaved acquaintance as they will hear the gospel each week!

New Testament Survey 

Pastor Kyle will continue his overview of the New Testament. We will be diving into the Epistles over the next 12 weeks.