LEAP stands for Learn, Explore, Practice. At LEAP Preschool  we strive to provide children with:

  • An atmosphere of love, encouragement, and acceptance.
  • Developmentally appropriate gross and fine motor skills.
  • Experiences to promote imagination.
  • Exposure to a plethora of reading material: fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.
  • Themes that stir enthusiasm through the use of varied mediums (paint, movement, drama, music, and more).
  • Creative hands-on activities which foster cooperative play and respect for individual learning styles.
  • A positive foundation for learning
  • Reading readiness skills
  • Tools for mathematical thinking
  • A personal sense of responsibility to be all God wants them to be.


Our philosophy is based on 1 John 4:8…God is love.

All children will be loved and cared for in a positively reinforced learning environment that promotes exploration and interaction. Social skills (sharing, getting along with others, respecting others), emotional growth (positive self-concept), intellectual reasoning (think, reason, question, experiment), physical development (gross/fine motor concepts as well as sound health, safety, and nutritional practices) and spiritual growth (God loves and forgives us, believing and receiving Him will give us eternal life) are critical components of our curriculum.

Teaching the children to be loving, happy, patient, kind, gentle, and forgiving will ensure strong character traits and will ultimately train our children to be more Christ-like. Under no circumstances will a child under our care ever be ridiculed, humiliated, or subjected to any form of corporal punishment.


Through the use of themes and engaging activities, each child will develop at his/her own pace. For some children this may be a natural progression, for others, the skills may take additional time and practice. The following areas are covered in LEAP Preschool’s curriculum.

Spiritual Growth

God’s love is taught and explained through Bible stories. Each child will learn that he/she is special and uniquely created by God, He loves each of us, and He sent His son Jesus to forgive our sins. One Bible verse will be taught and emphasized each month (as noted in the Monthly Themes Section).

Social, Emotional, & Verbal Development

The children will have opportunity to: express likes, dislikes and needs; complete tasks; wait his/her turn; play independently; and participate in group activities. They will also learn about classroom rules and how to care for toys/materials. Children will be encouraged to express ideas, develop vocabulary and communicate feelings and emotions.

Work/Play Skills

The focus in this area will be on working and playing kindly with one another, trying new things, and increasing attention span.

Fine/Gross Motor Skills

Fine motor skill areas that are emphasized include copying simple shapes, using paintbrushes, cutting with scissors, assembling puzzles, coloring and drawing pictures.
Gross motor skill areas include running, jumping, climbing, catching, bouncing, throwing a ball, and exhibiting stamina during physical activity.

Personal Development

The children will participate in activities using his/her full name, age, address and telephone number.

Music Appreciation

Children will have opportunities to listen, sing, explore basic musical instruments, mimic sounds and rhythm.


Arts and crafts activities will help children learn how to draw lines and shapes, recognize primary and secondary colors, and use their imagination to express ideas with various art media.

Math Skills

Introductory math concepts will include counting, using one-to-one correspondence to count 10 or more objects, number recognition, classifying objects according to attribute, identifying and naming basic shapes. These skills will be explored through creative and meaningful activities.


Through literature and hands-on activities children will learn about the wonderful world God has created. Plants, animals, colors and many other science-related concepts will be explored.

Reading Readiness

Letter names and sounds will be introduced and explored. Children will listen to various types of literature, retell and re-enact stories, pretend read, sing and recite songs/poems. The children will also look at pictures and verbally create stories using details.

By the end of the school year each child may be able to identify his/her name in print, as well as names of classmates, and identify many upper and lowercase letters, especially as they pertain to children’s names. Some children may also be able to sound out short vowel words and read environmental print (i.e. hat, go, exit).

Writing Skills

Children will learn how to print his/her first name and have exposure to proper letter formation and directionality. Expressing ideas through pictures and writing will be modeled.


For more information and a tour of our facility, please contact the LEAP Preschool

PHONE: 603-717-8932

Trinity Baptist Church
80 Clinton St
Concord, NH 03301

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