Growth Sheets

Based on Sunday’s sermon, these growth sheets are designed to help LifeGroup leaders as they guide discussion in their groups. We hope that this resource will help deepen people’s understanding and personal application of Scripture.

All Things United in Christ (5/19/24)

Adopted (5/5/24)

Living on the Path of Peace (4/21/24)

Ephesians: Grace & Peace (4/7/24)

Church Dynamics: United Mission – Making Disciples (3/17/24)

Church Dynamics: Holistic Worship (3/03/24)

Church Dynamics: Dependent Prayer (2/18/24)

Church Dynamics: The Gospel (2/4/24)

A Prophet’s Discouragement (1/21/24)

A Sufferer’s Complaint (1/7/23)

God With Us (12/17/23)

God Sent His Son (12/3/23)

A Singer’s Darkness (11/19/23)



Previous Growth Sheets

Series: Letters from Jesus (Revelation 1-3)

The Open Door (11/05/23)

When Trouble Comes from the Inside (10/15/23)

When Pressure Comes (10/01/23)

Returning to Our First Love (9/17/23)

Series: Genesis: The Book of Beginnings

The Christian and Singleness (5/21/23)

Christian Marriage (5/7/23)

Male and Female (4/16/23)

Jesus the King (4/2/23)

Tale of Two Trees (3/19/23)

 The Garden Temple (3/5/23)

The Rest We Need (2/19/23)

What is Man? (2/05/23)

Series: Behold Your God: Discovering Who God Is and What He is Like

God is For Us (12/04/22)

God is Faithful (11/20/22)

God is All-Knowing (11/02/22)

God is Righteous (10/30/22)

God is Love (10/16/22)

God is Good (10/2/22)

God is Holy (9/18/22)

Series: Acts: The Unstoppable Work of the Risen Christ

Gods Made with Hands are Not Gods (5/25/22)

Christ and Caesar (2/5/22)

Saved by Grace (4/22/22)

Unexpected Hero (3/20/22)

What is a Christian? (3/06/22)

Son of Encouragement (2/20/22)

The Ethiopian Eunich (2/06/22)

Encouragement for Fearful Believers (1/16/22)

What’s So Important About Christmas? (12/19/21)

Good News that Disturbs (12/05/21)

Vital Signs (11/21/21)

Unified in Prayer (10/17/21)

Christian Witness (10/3/21)

What is Christianity All About? (9/17/21)


Series: The Sermon on the Mount

Seek First the Kingdom (5/2/21)

Fasting: Hungering for God

Praying for God’s Glory

How to Pray

Secret Generosity

Radical, Selfless Love

Christ the Law-Fulfiller 

Persecuted for Righteousness’ Sake

The Pure In Heart

Craving Righteousness

Sorrow and Comfort 

Grace Be With You

Lord of the Storm


Series: Colossians

Christ-Centered Family

Christ-Motivated Living

Life in Christ and Christian Virtues

Seek the Peace of the City

Raised with Christ

Complete in Christ

Rooted and Built Up In Christ

Christ Our Treasure

Christ the Hope of Glory

Once Enemies, Now Reconciled

Lord of New Creation

Lord of Creation

Giving Thanks to the Father

God’s Will, Our Walk

Faith, Love, and Hope

Christ: Supreme, Sufficient 


Series: Encounters With God

Encountering God

John: Fear Not

Paul: Who are You, Lord?

Peter, Do You Love Me? (John 21:1-23)



Series: More Than Conquerors (Romans 8)

Unshakable: God’s Certain Plan (Romans 8:29-30)

Conformed to His Image (Romans 8:29)

All Things for Good (Romans 8:28)

The Spirit’s Help (Romans 8:26-27)

We Groan for Glory (Romans 8:23-25)

Suffering and Glory (Romans 8:19-22)

Abba! Father! (Romans 8:15-17)

Killing Sin

Indwelt, Alive, Free

Mind the Difference

God Succeeds Where the Law Fails

No Condemnation

The Gospel for the Glory of God

Becoming Like Christ


Christ: Prophet Priest & King

Christ Our King

Christ Our Priest

Christ Our Prophet