Beginning July 26, we are offering the next module of Sunday classes. Wisdom Books 1 and Christ 2 will be available online each Sunday to view at your convenience. Teachers will be in contact with those who have signed up about how to access the media. Work will meet on campus from 9:30-10:30 am between our Sunday morning services. 



Wisdom Books 1 / Job, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon

Teacher: Pastor Jonathan Threlfall

Track: Christian Scripture

The books of Job, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon are often overlooked and misunderstood. They all have elements that could leave us puzzled—in Job, the mystery of God’s plan in suffering; in Ecclesiastes, an apparently gloomy outlook; and in the Song of Solomon, the frankly erotic language.

Yet these books also play an essential role in teaching us what it means to live with God as king, yet in a fallen world—that is, they teach us how to wisely navigate our lives through the fog of suffering (Job), the seeming pointlessness of life (Ecclesiastes), and the sweet mysteries of marriage (Song of Solomon). Most importantly, they are Christ-centered, for only Christ—as the true King of kings—supplies the ultimate fulfillment for each of these books. 

This class will give you a basic grasp of the message of these three books, teach you how they point to Christ, and give guidance for how to practically apply their truths to your life today.

Christ 2 / Christology 

Teacher: Pastor Jon Hutchins
Track: Christian Beliefs

In part 2 of our module we will study the work of Christ in the Atonement, Resurrection and Ascension, and the Offices of Christ as Prophet, Priest, and King. We conclude each lesson looking at a hymn/worship song that teaches each doctrine.

You will come away with a greater desire to fight personal sin and grow in your sanctification as you come to know and worship Jesus whom the Angles and the Elect will serve and praise for all eternity. Come and behold the Glory of Christ!

Work: For the Life of the World

Teacher: Pastor Jon & Patty Hutchins
Track: Christian Wisdom

It is possible to really enjoy the 8-5 grind for God’s glory? Are you struggling with the job or vocation God has called you? Join us as we discuss the subject of Work: for the Life of the World. Watch a trailer of our class content here.

Week1: Living as Exiles
Week 2: Blessing as a Family
Week 3: Seeking God through Work
Week 4: Flourishing with Order
Week 5: Wisdom is Action
Week 6: Wonder Transforms Us
Week 7: Present Hope of a Future Kingdom