Beginning April 19, we are offering the module of Sunday classes.
Each week, classes will be available online to view at your convenience. Teachers will be in contact with those who have signed up about how to access the media. 

Historical Books 1 / Joshua-2Kings

Teacher: Pastor Jonathan Threlfall

Track: Christian Scripture

 Overview: The Book of Joshua opens with the Israelite conquest of Canaan. It ends with the an Israelite king exiled in distant Babylon. What happened between these dramatic events is the story this class teaches—how God’s chosen people rebelled against him and paid the bitter consequences. But it is also a story of mercy and hope, for through these catastrophes, God continues his pledge that a Savior will conquer sin and reign forever.

 At the end of this class, participants will be able to 1) express the theme of each of the Historical Books (Joshua through 2 Kings), 2) have a grasp of how their themes anticipate Christ, 3) have the basic skills necessary to profitably read and apply this section of Scripture, and 4) be moved in their affections for the God who refuses to give up on a stubbornly rebellious people.

The Doctrine of God 2

Teacher: Pastor Ben Lamphere
Track: Christian Beliefs

Understanding God’s character and attributes is essential to our grasp of everything else including ourselves and the world around us. This class introduces participants to the doctrine of God. In Study of God 1, we’ve answered the questions, “What is God like?”. Now in the second half of the class, we will answer the question, “What does God do?”. This will include the topics of creation, God’s providence and a theology of prayer. The goal of this class is to give participants a heightened delight in and love for God, a better prayer life, and more motivation to spread his glory by giving the gospel.

Theology of Missions 

Teacher: Pastor Jon Hutchins
Track: Christian Wisdom

“Missions is not the ultimate goal of the church. Worship is. Missions exists because worship doesn’t. Worship is ultimate, not missions, because God is ultimate, not man. When this age is over, and the countless millions of the redeemed fall on their faces before the throne of God, missions will be no more. It is a temporary necessity. But worship abides forever. So worship is the fuel and goal of missions” – Let the Nations be Glad by John Piper 

Jesus has given his church all authority in heaven and on earth to make disciples in all Nations. What is the nature and scope of the Great commission? In our class we will answer that question through these 6 topics:

The Supremacy of God in Missions

The Task of the Great Commission 

The Target of the Great Commission

The Territory of the Great Commission

The Local Churches Role in Missions

The Sovereignty of God in Missions