Beginning February 23, we are offering the next three modules of Sunday classes.
The following classes meet at 9:30 am on Sundays, and begin on February 23 and end on April 5.
To help us know how to prepare, please sign up for the class you plan to attend. (Signup is also available in the church foyer.)

Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy 

Teacher: Jonas Harley
Location: Fellowship Hall
Track: Christian Scripture
This is the second module in our series through the Pentateuch. Covering Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy, it aims to give readers a basic grasp of the themes of these foundational books, and an understanding of how they contribute to the overall message of the Bible. Emphasis will be put on how these themes anticipate the coming Messiah, personal application of the truths, and skills in reading these sections of Scripture for themselves.

The Doctrine of God 

Teacher: Ben Lamphere
Location: Room 217
Track: Christian Beliefs

Understanding God’s character and attributes is essential to our grasp of everything else including ourselves and the world around us. This class introduces participants to the doctrine of God. It will give them a basic understanding of 1) God’s nature, including his existence, triunity, and attributes, and 2) his works, including his creation and sovereignty. The goal of this class is to give participants a heightened delight in and love for God, a better prayer life, and more motivation to spread his glory by giving the gospel.


Teachers: Jonathan and Christa Threlfall
Location: Chapel
Track: Christian Wisdom

What is the ideal marriage? Packed with romance and excitement? That doesn’t seem sustainable. Just stable and committed? That doesn’t seem fulfilling. What about marriages that are affected by chronic illness or broken promises. Can those be “ideal”? Maybe we’re asking the wrong question. Instead of asking “what’s the ideal marriage?” we must ask, “What is marriage for?” This question drives us to the Bible’s teaching on marriage.

The Bible reveals that marriage is not meaningful in itself. Like everything else God has created, it has meaning only when seen in view of God his purposes. Marriage, then, is a temporary way we humans can display the glory of God. Open to single and married people alike, this seven-week module aims to give participants the theological convictions and practical skills necessary for a marriage in which married partners find joy and meaning in Christ.